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1.25 Dia. Adaptor
1.50 Dia. Adaptor
How many R-8 Collets do you have sitting in your shop? Have you ever wanted to use them in the CNC's as extra holders? How about R-8 integral shank tooling? 

We have, so we manufactured a couple R-8 adaptors to use in our CAT-40 & 50 holders.
These adaptors are made of 8620 material, hardened to 50~55 Rc, and ground inside and out to a tolerance of .0002 TIR or less, O.D. to I.D.
They're black oxided and oiled to preserve the finish and also indicate any areas of wear.
They'll last for years, and allow you to utilize your Bridgeport tooling in any spindle or holder that accepts a 1.25 Dia. or 1.50 Dia. tool. 

We've even used several of our indexable carbide insert milling cutters and facemills that have an R-8 integral shank in the CNC's using these adaptors. It's a great way to utilize existing tooling rather than buying new.

Front 1.5 dia.
Rear 1.5 dia.
Inside/taper 1.5 dia.
Rear 1.25 dia.
Side 1.25 dia.
Inside/taper 1.25 dia.
Basic Dimensional Details
1-1/2 shank 1-5 $145.00 6-12 $130.00 13-25 $112.00
1-1/4 shank 1-5 $160.00 6-12 $145.00 13-25 $130.00